Whether you need a total revamp of your home or office or just a fresh look for a single space, RENTCO is your renovation specialist.

Take a break from the old & renovate!


Living spaces, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Granny-flats, Garage conversions…and more.


Drywall, Upgrading, Workspace conversions, Extentions, Electrical, Roofing…and more.


Pools, Studios, Man-caves, Custom spaces, Sport & Fitness spaces, Weekend places.


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Open Plan Living Extensions
Modern homes are all about light, space and easy access. The flexibility and flow that comes with open plan living is attracting more and more homeowners to convert their living areas to open plan spaces.

With the restructuring of a home comes the necessity to redesign the finishes and feel as well. Sometimes, having to rethink the style of two or three previously separate rooms, which are now one flowing space, can be confusing and frustrating.

RENTCO will take you through the process from structural changes right down to rearranging the furniture to make sure your transition to open plan living is as simple and smooth as possible.

Outdoor Living Spaces

In South Africa’s pleasant climate, we can enjoy plenty of time in our outdoor spaces to relax, play or entertain.

Make your outdoor living areas as trendy, sophisticated, modern and elegant as your indoor ones.

45 Boshoff Str, Florapark, Polokwane, Limpopo
45 Boshoff Str, Florapark, Polokwane, Limpopo
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