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Who we are

Our vision is to build your dream.
With your vision and our expertise; the sky is the limit!

RENTCO Construction, is a privately owned South African construction company that was established in 2006, situated in Polokwane, the capital city of Limpopo.

Contrary to popular belief, construction is far from being purely a single activity, and should rather be considered as human multitasking.

The construction process, in essence, consists of building or assembling residential, commercial or industrial infrastructure.

The construction process is usually overseen by a project manager and supervised by a team of professionals which include construction managers, design engineers, architects, civil engineers and so forth.

RENTCO Construction has shown significant growth from 2006, and has attracted industry related role-players with the development and construction of schools, clinics and other public facilities in Limpopo.

Since its establishment, RENTCO Construction specializes in residential construction and commercial construction, which includes the construction and civil works of residential housing accommodation, shopping centres and other retail complexes.

In striving towards actively creating employment opportunities,

RENTCO Construction permanently employs 40 skilled and unskilled industry-related staff.

RENTCO Construction has successfully completed a diverse variety of construction projects. We believe that this diversity is what sets us apart from other construction companies in South Africa.

Our ability to understand our clients’ needs and our unique ability to anticipate challenges within the construction field, means that you can trust us with your unique construction project, whether it be a fast track commercial construction project, multi-storied building with high standard finishes or affordable mass housing construction.

45 Boshoff Str, Florapark, Polokwane, Limpopo
45 Boshoff Str, Florapark, Polokwane, Limpopo
Tel: 072 204 3497